Take Advantage of Social Media for Business

Take Advantage of Social Media for Business

Growth of Internet Users in Indonesia, followed by various social media, one of which is Instagram, The current users continue to increase and are active every day. Indonesia is one of the countries with the most Internet access 132 Million Users in Year 2018 (january).

In addition to the very large number, Internet users in Indonesia are also very active, Especially to access every day on average 79% of the number of internet access in Indonesia (Data: We Are Social 2018) is the Most Accessed Site with more than 2,9 Billion and Follow Facebook 1,1 Billion, Youtube 558 Million and Line 220 Million (Data: We Are Social 2018)

While accessing Social media translucent 130 Million Users (49% of Population in Indonesia) and accessed by 120 Millions of Smartphone Users.

Social Media Users

Potential Internet users in Indonesia must be able to increase the business income that we are running, namely by taking advantage of existing opportunities.

1. Have Followers on Your Business Social Media

Social Media Followers

I think everyone understands how to create accounts Social media for your Business, But have you made sure that the social media you create is not related to personal content about you?? Make your own social media, don't upload your personal content on social media for business.

Maybe at the beginning only you know and follow the social media, How to get Followers (followers) on Social Media Accounts for Your Business? First, do it by inviting friends on Facebook to like your business fanpage or if on Instagram you can update on personal social media so that your friends can follow your business social media account.. Second, Start doing Fanpage or Account Ads Social media You, Can be used to advertise to get more reach that allows following or ads with post types that can also make product promotion posts / your business services.

2. Post don't always sell bro & Sis

Selling Posts

Sometimes selling just makes it boring for your followers to see, A little cool to give tips or a question session. with features like Instagram stories you can use to get closer to your followers besides you can sell on social media

3. Help Share from close friends and family

Share Family

Pending role utilize social media For business, of course, it starts with close friends and family, yes, close friends and family can help promote your business social media to their relatives to follow your business social media, You can also create a Giveaway or interesting quizzes on your business social media to attract more followers to your social media.

4. Celebrity endorsements and Youtuber reviews


Of course, if you are a follower of a celebgram like Ria Ricis, you will see several posts for endorsements and product reviews that also include their social media accounts and there are also Youtubers who make vlogs to review your products or services., but don't ask the cost, usually endorse starts from 200 until 100 million, depending on the artist, there is also a barter with your product or service. If you have an artist friend, you can also ask for an endorsement, okay?

5. Advertise on social media

Advertise Social Media

Everyone can advertise on social media, Now ok Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube provide easy channels to advertise their users. mainly to promote business. target with segments that match your business field then do ads with minimum costs and evaluate afterwards to find out the effectiveness of your ads,

That's how to use social media for business, starting from now. If your business wants to create a website and advertise online on Instagram and Facebook at an affordable cost, you can contact us PRO Digital Agency

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