Tips and Tricks to Make iPhone Dual Sim

Tips and Tricks to Make iPhone Dual Sim

iPhone is a smartphone product that has many users in the country and is one of the most popular smartphones in Indonesia. iPhone comes with various variants of internal memory including 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, Gb, and 128Gb.
Besides the popularity of the iPhone, some of the iPhone users add some additional features that are not owned by the i-Phone, which is to make the iPhone a dual sim. For more details, see the following review.

Making an i-Phone a Dual Sim

iPhone Dual Sim

Dual Sim Adapter

To make iPhone dual sim, You can use Dual Sim Adapter. Dual sim Adapter itself is a cable that has a Sim port that can connect one Sim with another Sim, in the same way as a USB cable.
Dual Sim Adapter will provide dual sim performance on i-Phone, but not simultaneously but depending on the settings you make in using the Sim 1 or Sim 2.

Case Dual Sim

In addition to using a Dual Sim Adapter, You can also use Case Dual Sim to make your i-Phone dual sim. To use this dual sim case is also quite easy, that is, you only need to put the two Sim cards you use.
After that make sure the dual sim case is in the 'On' state , then place the back of your i-Phone. Different from Dual Sim Adapter, by using this dual sim case you can use dual-sim simultaneously. However, this Dual Sim Case is still rarely found in Indonesia

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